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Monthly Archives: September 2012

American Journal of Nursing Shows Oral Contraceptives Containing Drospirenone are More Dangerous than Others

Posted in Yaz, Yasmin & Ocella

The “Drug Watch” section of the September, 2012 edition of the American Journal of Nursing includes some startling information about hormonal contraceptive drugs containing the chemical drospirenone, such as YAZ,® Beyaz®, Safyral®, and Yasmin®. Reviewing several studies comparing the relative risks of developing a blood clot for women using drospirenone-containing hormonal contraceptives versus women using… Continue Reading

Study Evaluates Relative Risks of Hormonal Contraceptives, Names Yaz® as Particularly Dangerous

Posted in Yaz, Yasmin & Ocella

A study published in May, 2009 by the British Medical Journal notes that women using hormonal contraceptives containing drospirenone, such as Yaz®, are about 64% more likely to develop blood clots than the average woman using hormonal contraceptives.[1]  Blood clots pose a very serious risk to health, as they may cause heart attack or stroke…. Continue Reading