Dr. V. Mohan, a diabetes expert in India recently weighed in on the link between Actos and bladder cancer:

Dr. Mohan says the pioglitazone group was matched against diabetics who were not on the drug. “We learn that there was a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer. Not any other form of cancer, the narrowing down to the bladder shows the clear link to the drug,” Dr. Mohan adds. Longer exposure and higher dosages lent to the increased risk of bladder cancer.   Source: The Hindu : States / Tamil Nadu : Another diabetes drug mired in controversy

Dr. Mohan based his opinion upon several European studies.  Each of the studies showed some degree of risk of developing bladder cancer while taking the drug Actos.  Although none of the studies by themselves show a “clear link,” Dr. Mohan apparently believes that taken together all of the studies show a clear link between Actos and bladder cancer.

Even so, Dr. Mohan cautions patients who are taking Actos not to suddenly stop taking it.  “Do not stop or start drugs without medical advice,” said Dr. Mohan.  And that’s excellent advice.  Please do not stop taking Actos because you’re afraid of getting bladder cancer, or because of anything you read here.  This blog is written by an Actos lawyer, not by a doctor.  If you have medical question, please consult with your doctor.

But if you have legal questions, such as whether you may qualify for an Actos lawsuit, please e-mail or call me at your convenience.  I’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation and tell you what your legal options are.