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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Is GlaxoSmithKline the anti-Google?

Posted in Misc. Drugs

Google is famous for its motto of “Don’t be evil.”  I’m beginning to wonder if GSK has adopted a motto of “Be evil.”  In addition to selling Paxil without adequately warning women that it causes birth defects, GSK also knowingly sold Paxil that it knew wouldn’t do anything to help patients: In one of the… Continue Reading

Ortho Evra Sales Limericks and Other Pharma Gimmicks

Posted in Marketing

Pharmaceutical companies use cheesy marketing gimmicks to help train their sales people.  Rhymes and limericks are perennial favorites. Someone sent me a few of the ones used for Ortho Evra.  Get a load of these: The patch contains hormones you knew; EE and NGMN are impregnated in glue. It blocks eggs from a poppin; Changes… Continue Reading

Fentanyl Recall – Actavis Recalls Some 25 mcg/hour Patches

Posted in Duragesic / Fentanyl

If you use a 25 mcg/hour fentanyl patch, you’ll want to check to see if it’s on this Actavis recall: Actavis identified one lot of 25 mcg/hour Fentanyl patch (Control/Lot # 30349) shipped to market that contained one patch that released its active ingredient faster than the approved specification in laboratory testing. An accelerated release… Continue Reading

New fracture warning for all bisphosphonates

Posted in Misc. Drugs

 If you're taking one of these, consult with your doctor before you decide to stop taking the drug.  Food and Drug Administration officials said all bisphosphonates used for osteoporosis will carry a new warning about rare but serious fractures of the thigh bone, even though it remains unclear if the medicines caused the fractures. Source: FDA warns… Continue Reading

FDA may step up criminal prosecutions for off-label marketing

Posted in Off Label Marketing

This is promising: Drugmaker executives whose companies promote unauthorized uses of their medicines may be targeted by U.S. regulators for misdemeanor prosecutions, Food and Drug Administration Deputy Chief for Litigation Eric Blumberg said. * * * * ‘“It’s clear we’re not getting the job done with large, monetary settlements,” Blumberg said. “Unless the government shows… Continue Reading

Big Pharma Could End Mass Tort Litigation, But It Is More Profitable To Get Sued

Posted in Lawsuits

That sounds crazy, I know.  But here’s my logic. The vast majority of pharmaceutical lawsuits are brought under what’s called a failure to warn theory of liability.  Failure-to-warn lawsuits allege that a manufacturer of a drug didn’t accurately inform a plaintiff about the risks associated with taking a specific drug.  If the manufacturer does give… Continue Reading

Paxil (Paroxetine)

Posted in Paxil Birth Defects

The antidepressant Paxil happens to be an extremely strong teratogen, which means it causes birth defects.  In fact, it is such a strong teratogen that a pregnant woman is better off using cocaine than taking Paxil! The birth defects that Paxil causes include: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS)Atrial Septal Defects (ASD)Ventral… Continue Reading

What Does Dr. Carl Elliott Think About Trial Lawyers? You Might Be Surprised…

Posted in Uncategorized

Noted medical doctor and ethicist Carl Elliott is the author of White Coat, Black Hat, a book about the “dark side of medicine.”  The New York Times reviewed the book and highly recommended the entertaining and extremely readable essays regarding the way our for-profit health-care system really works. He was interviewed at Pharmalot  regarding the… Continue Reading