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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Adding my two cents to the debate between Drug and Device Law and the Drug Recall Lawyer Blog

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I frequently read Drug and Device Law, (DDL, hereafter) a blog written by attorneys who represent drug companies.  I read it not because I agree with their point of view, but because I acknowledge they’re smart fellows and offer the opposite perspective of what I do.  I also frequently read the Drug Recall Lawyer Blog,… Continue Reading

More on the Avandia Restrictions

Posted in Misc. Drugs

I was not aware that Avandia was the #2 seller for GSK.  This is really going to hurt for them: (Reuters) – European officials moved to pull GlaxoSmithKline’s diabetes drug Avandia off the market and U.S. authorities imposed tight restrictions over heart risks, effectively spelling the commercial end to the once-lucrative medicine. Once a top… Continue Reading

Another Wyeth Preemption Case Goes to the Supreme Court

Posted in Preemption

Bruesewitz v. Wyeth looks like it will be the Wyeth v. Levine of vaccine lawsuits: Erwin Chemerinsky, a liberal scholar, and Kenneth Starr, a conservative, may appear to be the Oscar and Felix of constitutional law, but they’re also friends and, perhaps surprisingly, share essentially the same view in one, increasingly hard-fought area of constitutional… Continue Reading

Does Actos Cause Bladder Cancer?

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The FDA is reviewing the results of a study that may link bladder cancer with the diabetes drug Actos: The agency said Friday that five-year results from an ongoing study show that patients who have taken Actos for the longest period of time had a higher risk of bladder cancer. Bladder cancer was also more… Continue Reading

Secret Payments to Doctors Will End in 2013

Posted in Politics

Earlier, I wrote about how doctors aren’t disclosing their financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.  Turns out that they soon will be: As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, drug, device and medical supply companies are required to list payments worth $10 or more to doctors in a public database that can… Continue Reading

Should the FDA Pull Meridia?

Posted in Misc. Drugs

If there is a Holy Grail among pharmaceutical companies, it isn’t a cure for cancer, AIDS, or another fatal disease.  It’s a weight-loss pill.  As any Fen Phen lawyer can tell you, the history of weight loss drugs has been mild weight loss and severe health risks.  Some are concerned that the Fen Phen story… Continue Reading

Trasylol Cases Settling For $510,000 or so

Posted in Misc. Drugs

Back in 2008, I wrote about the sad story of Trasylol.   (I’ll wait if you want to read that post as background.)  Fast forward a little over two years, and many of the lawsuits filed over Trasylol are starting to settle.  That’s good news for the patients injured by Trasylol: Drugmaker Bayer AG has agreed… Continue Reading

Even under Obama, politics trumps science at the FDA & USDA

Posted in Politics

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that political back-scratching shouldn’t determine whether or not consumers eat tainted meat or take defective drugs: Scientists and inspectors at the federal agencies responsible for food safety say they face political and corporate interference with their work, according to a survey released Monday by the Union of… Continue Reading

Pay-to-Delay Is Still OK

Posted in Generic Drugs

A common but unfounded criticism of product liability lawyers is that they keep needed drugs off the market.  Actually, it’s the drug companies who do so by engaging in pay-to-delay.  Here’s how that works: Big pharmaceutical companies pay generic manufacturers not to sell generic versions of brand-name drugs.  And unfortunately, this practice has now been… Continue Reading