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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Enading Pay-to-Delay deals will save taxpayers billions of dollars… and may save some lives, too.

Posted in Generic Drugs, Politics

Pay-to-delay deals help no one and nothing outside of the bottom lines of a few big pharmaceutical companies.  Here’s hoping they go away soon… FOR TOO LONG, pay-for-delay settlements have been an accepted part of the health-care landscape. In these deals, a brand-name drug manufacturer pays a generic competitor to delay its entry into the… Continue Reading

GlaxoSmithKline Sales Rep Bonuses Are Tied To Values, Not Sales

Posted in Off Label Marketing, Pharmaceutical Advertising

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t trust pharmaceutical sales reps.  Few of them are medical doctors, but they tell doctors which drugs should be prescribed for which patients.  Traditionally, their compensation is based in part upon how many drugs the doctors they visit prescribe.  This leads to a gigantic incentive to engage in off-label… Continue Reading

Small Settlements In Seroquel Lawsuits

Posted in Lawsuits

The fact that the average plaintiff will receive $10,000 doesn’t surprise me.  These were very, very difficult cases to prove. There are many causes of diabetes, and it’s pretty tough to prove that Seroquel is what caused it. AstraZeneca Plc agreed to pay $2 million to settle more than 200 cases over its antipsychotic drug… Continue Reading

Avandia Lawyers Look Towards TIDE Study

Posted in Misc. Drugs

I’ve chatted with several Avandia lawyers about the fact that the FDA isn’t allowing anyone else to enroll in the TIDE study: WEDNESDAY, July 21 (HealthDay News) — No new patients will be permitted to enroll in a safety study of the controversial diabetes drug Avandia until further notice, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration… Continue Reading

Avandia Lawsuit Settlements Average $46,000

Posted in Misc. Drugs

There are still thousands of Avandia lawsuits pending, but apparently 10,000 of them will be settled: On Tuesday, Glaxo agreed to pay $460 million to settle thousands of lawsuits over Avandia, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the settlements. Glaxo will settle about 10,000 suits for an average of $46,000 each, Bloomberg said. A source… Continue Reading

Did GlaxoSmithKline Hide Information from the FDA About Avandia?

Posted in Misc. Drugs

If it weren’t for the Avandia lawyers who are suing GSK, this deposition would have never been taken.  That’s because, surprisingly, the FDA can’t subpoena GSK employees and records while any Avandia lawyer can. WASHINGTON—A former Food and Drug Administration official said the maker of diabetes drug Avandia withheld from regulators information suggesting the drug… Continue Reading