There are many lawsuits pending against Merck over its drug Fosamax.  There is evidence that the drug causes necrosis of the jaw.  I’ve seen pictures of people with this disease, and they look like normal people with the jaw of a rotting corpse.  It’s a terrible, horrible disease.  At this time, I don’t know of any attorneys actively taking Fosamax cases.  One of the reasons why is that there haven’t been any trials against Merck yet.  When the first trial hits, the verdict in it will likely influence whether attorneys will pursue more Fosamax cases.

Wyeth and its new parent Pfizer are probably wishing they had more to be thankful for this week, after being hit with jury awards totaling $103 million over hormone drugs. But what started out as a tough week for Big Pharma got a little better late Monday, when Manhattan federal District Court Judge John Keenan dismissed the second of three bellwether cases facing Merck over its osteoporosis drug Fosamax just weeks before it was set for trial.

Source: – Merck Knocks Out Second Fosamax Test Case Before Trial