Metoclopramide is the generic version of Reglan.  New evidence has shown that individuals who use Reglan for 12 or more weeks are at a greater risk of developing a movement disorder such as tardive dyskinesia.  Here’s the excerpt of a lawsuit filed against a Metoclopramide manufacturer:

23. The package inserts for metoclopramide products, and the PDR monograph for Reglan, contained false and/or misleading statements and omitted information material to the foreseeable and ordinary contemplated uses of the products. These statements and omissions include:

a) The statement that “Like the phenothiazines and related drugs, which are also dopamine antagonists, metoclopramide produces sedation and may produce extrapyramidal reactions, although these are comparatively rare (See WARNINGS).” This statement is false and misleading in light of the manufacturers' knowledge that extrapyramidal reactions are far more common, particularly when metoclopramide is used long-term and their concurrent knowledge that metoclopramide is commonly prescribed for long-term use.

Source: Reglan & Movement Disorders – Find a lawyer to file a Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit

The new website is  If you or someone you know has developed a movement disorder and ever took Reglan or Metoclopramide, check the site out.  Perhaps I can help connect you with the right lawyer to handle your case.