If you or someone you know has PPH, and EVER took Fen Phen, Pondimin, Redux, or another weight loss drug, I’d like to talk to you.  There have been cases documented of people developing PPH after using Fen Phen for as little as two months, and there is now evidence that people are developing PPH up to twenty years after taking those diet drugs.  You may want to review some of the documents I have posted at www.findtherightpphlawyer.com.  Or, you can just email me directly at justinian at justinian dot us.  I can put you in touch with attorneys who are helping people who used diet drugs and who many years later developed PPH.  The treatments for PPH are very expensive, so why not hold the Fen Phen makers accountable and force them to pay for the treatments if they caused you to develop PPH?