Duragesic production records produced in a Duragesic fentanyl patch lawsuit reveal that on one occasion, the Duragesic production line was shut down due to a “terrycloth towel jammed in” part of the Bodolay 1 production machine.  The picture below is a screenshot taken from page 90 of the PDF records.

Documents Produced in Duragesic Lawsuit Show Terrycloth Towel Stopped Production Line.

According to these records, no one should have received any patches from lot 0307377.  If you did, you should contact me immediately by using the button to your right. 

If you think your injuries or the death of a loved one was caused by a defective Duragesic or generic fentanyl patch, you should also contact me.  I can put you in touch with competent, caring Duragesic lawyers who will work hard to investigate your claim and recover as much money as possible for you.  There have been several multimillion dollar jury verdicts in fentanyl lawsuits, and those lawsuits have established that defective patches were introduced into the market.

Here are the Duragesic production line records in PDF format.

  • Aaron Roberts

    Hello, Thank you for posting this kind of information, I would not have known about any of this if it had not been for you. Right now I am having trouble with getting the Duragesic Patches, do to a production problem, yet they will not tell US the consumer what the problem is. That is just plain wrong, I have a right to know what the problem is, any thoughts?

    [No clue as to what the problem would be. – Justinian]