More Duragesic lawsuit deposition fun.  This time, the deposition is of Sanjay Panda, who was at one time the production manager of the Duragesic line. 

For a period of time, this person was responsible for making sure that Duragesic patches were produced safely and according to FDA specifications. 

And look at how he answered this question:


Look at this excerpt of the warning label on the Duragesic packaging:


Are we really supposed to believe that the person who ran the entire production line for the Duragesic patches never read the label or was otherwise told that the product he manufactured could kill him if he touched it?  I hope the Duragesic lawyers in this lawsuit put Panda on the stand and grilled him relentlessly about whether he knew fentanyl gel could harm or kill him.  I know if I was on a jury and the production manager told me that, I wouldn’t believe anything else the man said, either.  Note also how the attorney for ALZA coached Panda by saying “Speculation” immediately before Panda answered. 

This deposition gives a great deal of information about how Duragesic fentanyl patches were manufactured in the Vacaville plant. 

Here is Panda’s entire deposition in PDF format in these fentanyl lawsuits.