I saw that the press have tracked down the name of the person who can answer the important questions about the Digitek recall, but he seems to be ducking the press:

Numerous attempts to reach someone with Actavis Totowa were unsuccessful by press time.

A receptionist, who declined to identify herself, said the only person who could answer questions about Digitek was Ajordis Arnadottir, the company’s media representative. But repeated attempts to reach Arnadottir were unsuccessful as well.

Source: Memphis Daily News – Local Attorney Reviews Digitek Recall Cases

I’ve gleaned the following information from filings with the FDA and documents released by Actavis to pharmacies:

  • The Digitek tablets covered by the recall were distributed between March of 2006 and April of 2008.  We do not know what the manufacture dates of these tablets are.
  • 166 Lots are covered by the recall.  We do not know how many tablets are in each lot.
  • The recall covers all Digitek tablets.

It’s simply unconscionable that Actavis is being so tight-lipped about this recall when one considers that thousands of lives are at stake.  Thankfully, we have a strong civil justice system and one of the Digitek lawsuits will likely reveal the answers to these and other important questions that Actavis won’t answer voluntarily.

Here’s some more information about Digitek / Digoxin to consider.