My name is Justinian Lane, and I’m currently a law student at Michigan State University College of Law.  For five years, I’ve blogged about how important the civil justice system is and how it protects everyday citizens.  Because of my blogging, I’ve made a lot of good friends who happen to be attorneys.  My network of trusted attorney friends may be able to help you if you’ve been injured by a prescription drug.  I’ve known many of these attorneys for years, and have even worked with some of them on some cases. 

If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a prescription drug, tell me what happened.  I’ll do my best to introduce you to an attorney who can help you.  I don’t charge anything for introducing you to an attorney, but do keep in mind that since I’m a busy law student it might take a couple of days for you to hear back from me.

I trust my friends so much that I’ve referred friends and family to them.  I can’t promise you that they’ll win your case – no one can make that promise.  What I can promise you is that they’ll treat you with dignity, that they’ll fight as hard as they can for you, and that they’ll help you through this trying time in your life.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I receive no compensation from anyone if you hire one of my friends.  Since I’m not an attorney, it would be illegal for an attorney to pay me a percentage of any recovery you receive.  I’m also not running a “referral service” where attorneys pay me for leads.    Instead, the only thing I ask you to do if you find this site useful or if I assist you in finding an attorney is for you to contact your representatives in Congress and tell them you oppose FDA preemption of drugs and medical devices.

I’ve already mentioned I’m not a lawyer.  I am also not a doctor, so please don’t start or stop taking medications based upon anything you read here.  If you have any concerns about your medications, contact your doctor or another qualified medical professional. 

I hope you find this site useful, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m becoming an attorney because I want to help injured people, and I hope I can help you.