There are now at least nine lawsuits filed in the federal court in Newark, New Jersey against the manufacturers of Digitek.  Not all of the lawsuits were filed by New Jersey residents.  Because some of the manufacturers of Digitek are headquartered in New Jersey, injured citizens may sue them in that state.  

One of the New Jersey lawsuits, filed by the estate of Margaret Lucille Crooker of Kemp, Texas, claimed the drug caused her "serious physical injury, pain and suffering" and she died on March 15. 

Source: Patients sue NJ maker of recalled heart drug —

It makes sense for Magaret Crooker’s family to file their Digitek lawsuit in New Jersey, because a series of corporate-friendly laws were passed in Texas in 2004.  These laws, referred to as tort reform, make it very difficult for someone injured by a defective drug like Digitek to sue, and even more difficult to recover a meaningful sum of money in their lawsuit.  Unfortunately, the Texas legislature was more interested in protecting companies who make defective products than in protecting their own citizens.  Now, Margaret’s family will have to bear the expense of traveling to New Jersey if this case goes to trial.

My gut feeling is that most of the Digitek lawsuits will settle, though.  The evidence against the manufacturers is pretty damning.

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