One of the distributors of Digitek is a company called Mylan Pharmaceuticals.  They’re headquartered in West Virginia, and have just been sued in West Virginia by an Ohio resident names Joe Supinski.  He took some of the “double-dose” Digitek pills, and suffered from "visual changes, bright spots, halos, blurred vision, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, decreased urine output, excessive nighttime urination, difficulty breathing with lying.”As bad as those symptoms are, Joe is lucky to still be alive as several individuals have already died after taking the defective Digitek tablets.

Joe is requesting punitive damages, and they may very well be warranted in this case since the drug manufacturers had been warned twice by the FDA that their facility wasn’t compliant with FDA manufacturing rules.  The scariest thing I read in the FDA warning letters was that one of the drug manufacturing machines was repaired with duct tape instead of being fixed properly.  Scary.

The case number is 6-08-cv-00899 and it’s filed in the Southern District of West Virginia.

Here’s some more information about Digitek / Digoxin to consider.